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This Edtech Product Directory is a simple A-Z list of some of the most common products used in our K12 schools today. Scroll through the list below to find product descriptions, where to sign in and how to access customer support.

We’ve also included a few recommendations from our parent friends, teachers, principals and yes, even our children too! If you'd like to suggest a new product or update to our existing list, please complete our Edtech Directory Request Form. Thank you!​

Boddle is a math platform for 1-6th grade that makes learning fun and personalized. Teachers and parents are able to track student progress remotely and quickly identify learning gaps. To help conquer summer learning loss, Boddle is offering the platform for free through July 2020 to parents and teachers.

BrainPOP is a group of educational websites with over 1,000 short animated movies for students in grades K-12, together with quizzes and related materials, covering the subjects of science, social studies, English, math, engineering and technology, health, and arts and music.

Brown Dog Gadgets creates engaging STEM and STEAM projects for classrooms and kids at home. Their projects range from simple Bristlebots and Paper Circuits to Arduino and Micro:Bit level programming. Their goal is to provide teachers and parents with the resources to foster excitement and learning for kids of all ages.

Ecree helps students get results on their papers and tests by providing unlimited, real-time, human quality feedback on their writing.


With Ecree, parents can give their students a virtual writing instructor to help navigate the challenging educational environment due to COVID.

Google Classroom is a tool teachers use to collect and return student’s digital work.

Teachers must “turn on” guardian email summaries for parents to get information about missing work, upcoming work and class announcements. There is no direct login for parent access.

Healthy Hip Hop infuses education, positive attributes and cutting-edge technology within the hip-hop culture to improve focus, engagement and encourage physical activity. Download the Healthy Hip Hop app to stream our exclusive music, dance along with our characters and create your dance challenge videos in a safe environment for children and families.

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