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The Story Behind SchoolBzz

Supporting the parents and caregivers of our next generation.

A growing body of research underscores the connection between parent engagement and student outcomes. Yet parents who are not adequately informed about what’s happening in their child’s classroom or within the school community at large may lack the opportunities to participate fully in their child’s education.

With the increased focus on learning at home, we’ve recently expanded our SchoolBzz website to include a Resource Directory for Families. We’ve aggregated information about some of the most common tools used in our K12 schools today, and we publish a weekly newsletter for parents with the latest buzz in education, parenting and a little humor along the way.

We recognize how challenging the pandemic has been for our families, teachers and school communities. As we continue to forge ahead, our SchoolBzz Team remains committed to supporting the parents and caregivers of our next generation.

Our Startup Journey

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Schools see increased competition in their local communities. Hive Digital Minds created to help K12 school leaders more effectively recruit and retain students.



Parents aren't engaged. School updates aren't relevant. SchoolBzz pilot program launched to provide parents with a personalized daily digest of school news and classroom updates.

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Parents are frustrated. Unsure how to support their child's learning at home. SchoolBzz launches Resource Directory for Families. Aims to become the WebMD of education.

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