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Engage Every Parent

Helping schools simplify how they reach, connect
and engage families beyond the classroom.

Automate Classroom Updates

Teachers use multiple tools to manage their daily routines and share information with families. Finding ways to simplify this process allows teachers to spend more time working with students. 

SchoolBzz turns your learning management system into a communications tool – reducing the number of programs teachers need to keep parents and caregivers in the loop.

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Easy for Parents. Simple for Teachers.

Saves Time

Eliminate the need for teachers to post class information in multiple places. Announcements and assignment summaries are automatically pushed to parents in SchoolBzz – no additional apps for teachers to manage.

Multi-language Support

SchoolBzz automatically translates class announcements and assignment summaries into a parent’s preferred language ensuring information is accessible to everyone.

No Training Required

No Training Required

No Training Required

No Training Required

Administrators can set up SchoolBzz anytime during the year. Information is pulled directly from your school’s learning management system, so there’s no training required and your teachers can stay focused on what matters most.

No LMS? No Problem.

SchoolBzz can be set up as an independent service, or used in conjunction with your school's learning management system. Either way, our solution ensures your parents have all their information in one place.

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Parents Love SchoolBzz

SchoolBzz flips the traditional school communications model allowing parents to choose what, when and how they receive updates from their child's school.

Class Subscriptions
Parents customize their daily school feed by subscribing to the
updates most relevant to their child.

Mobile Notifications
Parents can set up alerts of new announcements.

Language Preferences
Updates are automatically translated into a parent's
preferred language.

Device Access
Parents can access their updates via website or mobile app.
And Alexa coming soon!

Your School Communications Partner

Sometimes just figuring out where to begin is the hardest step. Our SchoolBzz Team has been collaborating with school leaders for over 15 years. From student recruitment plans to family engagement programs, and everything in between, we are committed to ensuring you have the support and resources you need to build a thriving school community.

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We're here for you.

Whatever it takes. No ask is too small.